Trip Your Body with Lil Vc’s Best Composition “Youthful Eazy – Playboy”

Lil Vc

It’s Friday night and you want to rock the dance floor with the best tune of the day. Here the new singer Lil Vc is waiting for you to fill your heart with joy with his new single. “Youthful Eazy – Playboy” is currently making buzz with its new melodic combination. Rather than straight 4/4 beat, you can find this hip hop based on an anticipated feel. The rhythm is subtle and it is lined over with the flexible voice of the vocalist.

This new lyricist, Lil Vc has teamed up with two famous stars Boo Boy and Gamer Boomin. “Youthful Eazy – Playboy” is featured by this famous star Boo Boy. On the other hand, it’s produced by Gamer Boomin. This new artist is a passionate singer. Listeners in soundcloud are anticipating this star to get promoted in the best position in the music business. Lil Vc’s voice must be more alluring as it attracts thousands to his profile.

This young and enthusiastic artist will make yor day more exciting. His adaptable voice energizes your mood. “Youthful Eazy – Playboy”, the new creation of this singer is really appreciable. Lil Vc has effectively accumulated parcel of fans and friends in soundcloud. Youths are going crazy with its beats as the tune begins with “Playboy, I’m a playboy – “. The rapper’s voice is coupled with instrumental mixes all through the music. The superb delivery of musicality and swift verses helps in making entrancing track.

Soundcloud has recently risen with numerous hip hop stars and Lil Vc is one of them. However, this new star is inviting more listeners for the appealing snare in his voice. The smooth move between tracks is praiseworthy. Fans, who want to witness this extraordinary rhythmical mix, sign onto your soundcloud profile and listen to this sprouting vocalist. Also, you can follow this singer in twitter and instagram.

To listen this track, please click the following link:

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