Global and China Supercapacitor Industry Report, 2016-2020


According to the revised versions of the mandatory national standards — Passenger Car Fuel Consumption Limits (GB 19578) and Passenger Car Fuel Consumption Evaluation Methods and Indicators (GB 27999), China requires that the average fuel consumption of passenger cars produced locally in 2015 should drop to 6.9L / 100km, and further to 5.0L / 100km by 2020.

In addition, Management Measures for Average Fuel Consumption of Passenger Car Companies (Draft)” has been stipulated, in which the most important content is concerned about the average fuel consumption credit and trading system of enterprises as well as hefty fines on non-compliance companies.

Globally, the EU’s 2020 emission goal is 3.8L / 100km, while the United States and Japan target 5L / 100km.The EU undertakes enormous pressure on energy saving and emission reduction, thus it prefers hybrid technology.

The future development trends vary with countries:

(1) Europe will promote 12V start-stop system and 48V system aggressively, which will gradually become the standard configuration of original fuel vehicles. In addition, EV, PHEV and HEV will witness moderate development in Europe;

(2) Japan will prefer HEV and fuel cell technology, while the sales volume of EV and PHEV will remain at a low level;

(3) The United States are developinga variety of technologies simultaneously, but low oil prices will drag down the sales volume of EV and PHEV, whereas HEV will be favored;

(4) China will focus on EV and PHEV, and encourage more economical HEV. The pre-installation of 12V start-stop system will escalate fast. As for 48V system, Chinese government’s attitude is ambiguous, and no vehicle manufacturers have made plans for the vehicle models involved with this technology.

The report highlights the following:2016-2020 by ResearchInChina focuses on the followings:Overview, classification, characteristics and applications of hybrid vehicle technology;Global and China’s goals for automotive energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial subsidy policies and other aspects in the next decade;Analysis on hybrid vehicle technology, working principles and applications of various structures, hybrid vehicle industry chain and development trends of technology;Status quo and market segments (embracing 12V + start-stop micro hybrid system, 48V + BSG / ISG, full hybrid (HEV, PHEV), etc. ) of global hybrid vehicle market; development and trends ofthe hybrid vehicle market in Japan, the United States and Europe;Status quo of Chinese hybrid vehicle market, as well as development and trends of market segments;Hybrid operation, development strategies, products and technology solutions, customers and layout in China of 8 global and Chinese hybrid system integrators;Hybrid operation, development strategies, products and technology solutions, customers and layout in China of 10 global and Chinese vehicle manufacturers.

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