AJ Suggests Romantic Valentine Gift For Boyfriend Or Husband If Online Shopping

In a small gathering at a local coffee shop, usually hosting book clubs and public readings, founder of the male grooming brand ‘Latherwhip’ has conducted a series of talks for women who want to find the perfect gift for their boyfriends and husbands this Valentine’s Day.

The most recent session discussed how to make sense of the limitless options when online shopping, without having to rely on Top 10 lists, review sites or girl blogs.

Quite transparently, AJ Hardy (the Founder) announced Latherwhip grooming products would also be set at more than 50% off their retail price through in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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AJ Hardy discussed the process most women go through when searching for a gift for their man as they do their online shopping.

Essentially it would start with something like ‘cute gifts for bf’ and the familiar rabbit hole opens up; top 10 lists, review site recommendations and thoughtless articles by bloggers looking for views and clicks.

Hardy made a case for thinking about what Valentine’s Day really means to the guy and girl in question. Gifts are a wonderful way to mark an occasion and to say ‘I love you’, but what really makes the gift is the memory and experience that surrounds it.

Hardy was quoted as saying (slightly tongue-in-cheek):

“If a loving partner were to give the Latherwhip Shaving Collection as a gift (laughter), for example, while the items themselves would be a sweet gift – actually what makes it a significant, memorable and loving moment… is if the lady then draws a bath for him, takes the mug and whips up a lather, uses the brush to paint the lather on her man’s face or wherever (more laughter)… and actually takes the quiet moment to shave him. It’s a delicate, careful and intimate endeavour… it creates an incredible closeness and really emphasizes the trust built…. so go buy Latherwhip (laughter)… it’s on Prime too so it’ll arrive in time (more laughter).”

The ‘Love & Relationship’ talks will conclude on Sunday and have so far included subjects like long distance Valentine’s Days and Cute Ideas For Valentines Day For Him.

Latherwhip is a male grooming brand currently selling exclusively through The founder, AJ Hardy is an old romantic and a big believer in ‘Men being Men’. The sentiment is expressed in the brand and so for any woman who appreciates the ‘Manliness’ of her Man – the Latherwhip gift set might just be the perfect way to show him.

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